Top 3 Ways To Create Better Blog Posts

top 3 ways to create better blog posts

Bloggers Block? Find Out The Top 3 Ways To Create Better Blog Posts And Escape This Version Of Writers Block

With over 3 million blog posts going live every day, it is hard to stand out in this overly saturated business we call the internet.escape bloggers block

I mean you can write all day long. However, it will likely just fall into the abyss. The hard part isn’t coming up with content ideas or writing the blog post. The hard part is coming up wit ORIGINAL ideas on a consistent basis.

That is what we want to discuss today. How to break out of the bloggers version of “writers block” and come up with new, original, interesting, and exciting blog post ideas every single day.

Use Your Own Experiences!

If you have any hobbies, you should spend some time thinking about those hobbies or recent side projects.

Now think about anything you may have learned while doing those. Or any new skills and how you acquired those skills. Is there anything at all that you can take from those hobbies and side projects and cross-over into business or marketing?

These ideas will begin to flow more naturally than you may think once you get use to this type of brainstorming. And the best part is that it is so personal that you will be able to really dive in and get your readers attention.

Use Your Email List To Ask Questions!

We often abuse our email subscribers. We send them content, newsletters, and sales pitches. We forget that they are our customers and without them we would not exist.

Now that you are on board I want you to consider this. What if you sent out an email every month to your entire list of subscribers with no sales pitch or news letter?

Instead, you should use a title that asks a question.

Ask your customer what troubles they are experiencing at the moment. Or ask them what topic they want you to cover. This will give you ideas you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. And I can promise you that your customers will love you for caring.

Use An Idea Generator!

This is my last suggestion of the top 3 ways to create better blog posts and escape bloggers block. It can be very useful but you have to use the idea the correct way.

There are a few different idea tools out there for the SEO industry.

What you do not want to do is go and use one of these tools, pull a keyword list, and try to write on all of those topice. This will lead to more content overload on the internet and more blending. Keep in mind that you aren’t the only person using that tool.

My suggestion would be to use a tool to list out some keyword ideas and do one of the following:

⦁ Brainstorm – Write down the keywords. Now, try to think of other keywords related to those that you pulled from the tool. Essentially, just use the tool to get your gears spinning again. If you are still at a loss, try the next suggestion.

⦁ Google Related Searches – Use the tool to get a list of keyword ideas. Download or write down the ones that interest you. Enter them into Google search. Now scroll to the bottom and use the related searches listed at bottom of Google search page. This should give you even more ideas. If you STILL feel brain dead, I have one last suggestion.

⦁ Google Alphabet Search – Use a tool to get keyword ideas. Now go to Google and type in the keyword followed by “a”. Then keyword followed by “b”. Go through the alphabet and as you type the word plus a letter the Google search bar will have suggestions listed down below as you type. New ideas for new content that users are actually looking for.

Using these top 3 ways to create better blog posts, I feel it will be a very long time before you get writers block again. Now you can continue to come up with unique blog post ideas and topics that will appeal to the masses and stand out from the crowd of followers in the blogosphere.

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