Expansion Of Google Rich Cards

Google Rich Cards Example

Google Rich Cards Example

Google Rich Cards Have Expanded – Will You Keep Up?

You may or may not have heard of the use of Google Rich Cards in search. It was released back in May of this year. Rich Cards were used solely for recipe and movie related searches.

Not any more. Finally,  Google has expanded the project to include online courses and restaurants.

Rich cards are a specific type of schema markup. Essentially, it will turn into a swipeable carousel in the search results. What it does, is allow searchers to swipe through multiple sites and content to view small bits of information prior to clicking through to the site in hopes of increasing user experience.

Ultimately, I recommend you view Google’s developer documents on building Rich Cards for local restaurants and online courses.

Of course AMPs are not a requirement. Yet, Google still encourages the use of AMP HTML for local restaurant and online course pages due to the significantly increased page load time. First and foremost, they typically load about 4 times faster. Google is promoting AMPs everytime they speak these days it seems.

Accordingly, Google is also seeming to attempt to keep their user experience friendly as well. They have released a few tools in hopes of making the use of Rich Cards easier to implement.

⦁ Structured Data Testing Tool: Now displays markup errors and a preview card for Local restaurant content as it might appear on Search.
⦁ Rich Cards report in Search Console: Now shows which cards across verticals contain errors, and which ones could be enhanced with more markup.
⦁ AMP Testing Tool: Now helps validate AMP pages as well as mark up on the page.

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