2017 SEO Changes

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2017 SEO Changes – Are You Ready?

You may not want to think about it, but it is true. We are about to enter 2017. That being said, you need to start preparing now for the 2017 SEO changes we will see soon. Hopefully, you have already prepared, but if not, you need to start immediately.

As always, the world an2017 seo changesd landscape of search engine optimization continues to change. In 2017, we will begin to notice that it is no longer changing at lightning speed, but supersonic speeds.

The simple fact that Google updates their algorithms constantly, customer expectations are continuously changing, and the way that people use the internet is becoming different daily ensures that internet marketers stay on their toes. Not doing so would completely destroy your rankings, turn off your traffic, and trash your business overnight.

Here are a few trends to start looking into. These have started to have importance in 2016 and according to the majority of reputable SEO experts, will continue to dominate in 2017.

AMPs – Also Known As Accelerated Mobile Pages!

Accelerated Mobile Pages are pages created from an open source protocol that essentially strips alot of unnecessary script from your website to allow it to load nearly instantly on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. In fact, according to research, they load about 4 times faster on average and they use about 8 times less data than typical.

Nothing is set in stone yet and we are unable to say for sure how much weight the search engines give sites that use AMPs. What we do know is that Google is already starting to favor accelerated mobile pages in many cases. You will notice this when you search for something from your phone or tablet and see a little lightning bolt next to the site in the SERPs indicating their AMP status.accelerated mobile pages photo

You better believe that the use will continue to grow and you better jump on board. With many brands beginning to take advantage of this already, not only will it effect your rankings, but users will begin to see these fast loading pages as the norm and expect more. If they expect instant loading and try to visit your site and you are not using AMPs on your website, many will immediately back out and go to one of your competitors.

It is well believed that this will be one of the many important 2017 seo changes to come into play.

Content Is King But Do You Understand It?

People have been saying for years content is king. Going into 2017 you need to think a little differently than in years past.

In recent years people have begun to stop putting micro-content up on their blogs and attempted to publish what we refer to in the SEO industry as skyscraper content. This is extremely lengthy and detailed content. The idea was to provide as much information in one place and it would help you rank due to relevancy. You would outrank others due to the amount you published being larger than your competitors 500 word content. And you would look more trustworthy to the customer because you seem to know alot.

With users getting tired of seeing the same content rehashed over and over again, we need to make dense content going foward, not long content. Sure, the new norm is 1500 or more words. However, the more important thing will be to focus on providing as much information as possilbe on your page in as little real estate as possible. This is going to appeal to readers much more. You have to know that people are too used to instant results these days to sit and read forever. Of all the 2017 seo changes you will be implementing. you better really put a ton of focus here.

UEO Or User Experience Optimization Will Be A Must!

Yes, user experience has always been important as an SEO to a certain extent. You want the user to make it apparent to search engines they are having a pleasant experience on your website by spending more time on a particular page. You want the spiders that crawl your site to see organization whether it be via categories, keywords, tags, or whatever. You want everything to be one or two clicks away from any place on your site. You want your site load time to be quick and you want a mobile version of your website available.

With that being said, I am confident that 2017 will only emphasize user experience optimization even more than ever. In addition to the above mentioned AMPs usage, you will need to continually look for more ways to make a visitors experience on your website unique and enjoyable. Step outside the box and stand out. Prepare for theĀ 2017 SEO changes that matter.

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