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I Received This Traffic Travis Review From A Friend

A few years back, a good friend of mine owned a small group of 4-5 micro-niche websites. He then chose to try his hand at seo, or search engine optimization, to bring more people to those sites and make more sales.

It worked. He made a decent amount of money in affiliate sales. However, a few weeks in, he got hit by a Google penalty after they did an algorithm update. His site was nowhere to be found in the search pages and his sales dropped to zero.

Afterwards, he gave up for a while and continued his 9-5 job. I couldn’t stand seeing him so down about it. I introduced him to Traffic Travis. Traffic Travis is an SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) software suite.

I told him to try it because he essentially had nothing to lose. It has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Needless to say, he tried it. He loved it. He decided he loved it and within about 6 months had quit his day job and never returned.

Traffic Travis helped him with his SEO plans by making it completely effortless, quick, and extremely easy to locate high quality, niche relevant, optimal backlinks that actually helped his site. Now he is able to find profitable keywords in minutes.

Not only does it make the keyword finding and backlinking easy, it also walks you through how to optimize your website with on-page techniques that still work as well.
Before you try it I do want to tell you a few important things about the service though, so continue reading if you want to see if this product is going to help you rank your website(s).

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What Works For Your Competitors, Works For You!

My friend used to tell me all the time how well his competitors were ranking in Google and how he could not figure out for the life of him how. He used to swear up and down that his pages were more useful and informational than theirs.

Of course, he didn’t really know what he was looking for, being new on the SEO scene, so he would spend months trying to find good websites that were related to his to try to guest post or get a comment link from.

It did not work of course. Well, maybe it was working, but it seemedd not to be since it was so time consuming.

What Traffic Travis has done for him in this aspect is let him spy on his competitors sites effortlessly and see exactly where they are getting backlinks from. Knowing where they are getting links, and knowing that they are ranking well, it only made since for him to go to those same places and grab links for himself.

Diagnose Additional SEO Problems On Your On Site!

Okay, so copying the backlink profile of your competitors will obviously never beat them. I am sure that you are already thinking that.

This is where on-site optimization comes into play. The bottom line is that many website owners focus on 1 or 2 of the big factors that help them rank and never get them all right.

This again is where Traffic Travis helped my friend and will help you as well. You can let Traffic Travis use its knowledge and algorithm to perform an on-site audit of your website. It will give you a grade, like you are in school again, but it will also tell you EXACTLY what changes you need to make on your page.

Trust me, just give the audit a try and see what a difference this part of Traffic Travis alone can make. I still use it, and from time to time fail with one of MY pages, make the updates, and see nearly instant results.

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Become A Keyword Research Genius!

It is important to know, as I am sure you do by now, that some words are easier to rank for than others. If you choose an overly-saturated keyword, it will likely take months, or even years, if ever, to rank in Google for it.

However, if you know how to research keywords, there truly are still millions of untapped potentials. There are many profitable keywords that get searched thousands of times per month.

Traffic Travis has a keyword research tool that will tell you up front how hard it will be to rank for. This will save you the time of optimizing a site and building hundreds of links to a page with no hope.

Not only does Traffic Travis have a keyword research tool, but it also has a tracking tool. It allows you to enter your site and keyword and track your rankings over time to see the progress you are making in real time.

Should You Try The Free Version?

No. It is true that there is a free and a professional version of Traffic Travis. Be aware that the free version has many limitations that will do you no justice. You can only see 100 backlink sources of your competitors. You will need more than that to rank.

Also, the free version does not give as accurate of readings when it comes to keyword difficulty. If you truly want to be able to rank your site and quickly, the free version is NOT ENOUGH. Try the professional version for only $1 via this page only.

When you try Traffic Travis via my link, I will be sure to include 5 EXTRA BONUS TRAINING VIDEOS because I care about your success.

Traffic Travis Review Conclusion

You have to at least try Traffic Travis if you are even remotely serious about search engine optimization and ranking your website. (Which could result in you quitting your job later down the road!)

I would like to point out one last time what you get when you try Traffic Travis.

  • Backlink analyzing suite
  • Website on-page seo audit ability.
  • Keyword competition and research tool.
  • Top Notch Rank Tracking for UNLIMITED websites.
  • Bonus PPC keyword analyzation.
  • Many more features constantly being updated!

But again, you have to take advantage fast. The $1 trial is limited and I will not be able to keep that kind of a deal available for you forever. It may be valid for a day or a month, so do not delay.

The five bonus videos I mentioned will cover the following:

  • How to Profit Wildly from Your Own SEO Business
  • Secrets of a Link Building Genius
  • Offline Traffic Millionaire Secrets
  • Driving Floods of Repeat Sales with Email Marketing
  • How to Get High Search Engine Rankings, from Beginner to Advanced

Get The 1$ Trial and Bonus Videos Today!

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