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Building An Effective Business Social Media Strategy

business social media strategyIn today’s world of technology, it is vital for all serious business owners to have a legitimate business social media strategy.

While nearly everyone has a personal Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or even Google Plus account, many fail to realize how important these social sites can be to the success of a business.

Furthermore, it is important for you to realize right now that you are not doing your business any justice by simply keeping your Pinterest board up to date.

Regardless of the type of business you have, be it brick and mortar or online, you will drastically increase your customer base, sales, conversions, traffic, and visibility through a well thought out social media strategy that directly links itself to the goals of your business.

I have a few tips for you to point you in the right direction on how to do so.

Identify The Most Useful Social Sites And Uses

This sometimes means avoiding what is trending. I know, that is not what you would expect to hear.
The fact of the matter is that one of the most important aspects of an effective business social media strategy is to identify the platforms that are going to work for you. Afterwards, identify the best practices for your use to suit your business goals.

It is often times very tempting to jump on the social media bandwagon and try to take advantage of whatever it is that everyone is talking about today. However, you will benefit most from coming to grips with the fact that what may work for many others, may not necessarily work for you.

A prime example would be many designer businesses make an exceptionally large profit from Pinterest following and traffic. However, a plumbing business has very little benefit from such posts.

A great start would be to figure out what social platforms your customers use. Once you know that, you can effectively build a social plan around those platforms.

In addition, I do want to point out that it is usually very difficult to directly measure the impact on business revenue to a social media presence. However, you will need to put some sort of measurable goals in place. This could be something as simple as measuring Facebook Likes per month, Twitter Followers, Brand Mentions, etc.
Furthermore, you have to keep in mind what the users of each social site expect.

For example, Twitter users expect updates often and immediate replies upon tweeting @ your brand. Facebook users enjoy infographics, Youtube users expect entertaining and informative videos. Only use the social media outlets that you are able to provide what the user expects of you.

Did You Say Set Goals?

Yes I did. You have to set goals in any venture that you decide to take on in business in order to succeed. Without goals, you have nothing to measure. Without measurements, you have no way of how productive, or unproductive, you are being with your time and money.

What kind of goals do you need? This is a hard question for me to answer for you due to the variety of business nature.

You need to consider how big your business is. In addition to that, think about where you are geographically and the purpose of your business. Do you sell products or services?

All of the above factors will directly affect what type of goals you set for your business social media strategy.
While I may not be able to directly answer this question for you, I was able to compile a list of common business goals with social media marketing.

Customer reviews. Often companies want more customer reviews to see where they can improve and how they stand customer service wise next to their competitors.

Expand brand reach. Many companies want to simply get their brand out there and heard of by more people. Social media is a great way to do so.

Increase online purchases. Maybe you just want to mitigate costs a little more and get people to your website to purchase items. After all, customer love brands with an online presence and usability.

Give customers another point of contact. The fact is that in today.s world, customers do not always want to pick up the phone and call or drive to a store. The would rather communicate online. Social media is yet again the winner here.

Organization Of Content

Lastly, now that you have the basics of your business social media strategy in place, you have to start thinking about the content you will be posting. The last thing you want to do is to seem to lack focus.

As a business, you will want a comprehensive and systematical plan to the your posting and content approach. What I mean by this is you need to know a few things such as:

    • How often you will post.
    • How often you will share each post.
    • How to reach the most people with each post.
    • How to measure each post’s success.
    • Informational, photo, video posts, or an even mixture.

You also need to consider planning ahead. It is rarely a good idea to wing it or figure out day by day what it is that you are going to post. You should plan a recommended month in advance. If you are unable to do so you should at least plan weekly.

The idea is to know when, where, how, and how often you will post what well before you actually have to do it.

HootSuite Can Help Automate A Lot Of This

Manage all your social media marketing in one place. From finding prospects to serving customers, Hootsuite helps you do more with your social media marketing. Be sure to try them out today to advance your business social media to the next level. I can not and will not promote any other social media management tool at this time, because to my knowledge right now they are the best product for the best value and I know you will benefit STRONGLY from its use.


Last but not least, you need to always encourage further communication with your brand. when people click through to your website, be sure to ask for an email to build an email list or ask them to review or comment. People like being heard.

You also want to remember that no matter what, post useful, entertaining, and engaging content. When you start posting things on Twitter or Facebook telling people to “Buy this” or “Check out our latest deals”, people will ignore them more often than not as they are too used to seeing useless advertising.

Engage the customer, grab their attention, encourage them to communicate with your brand, get them to spread the word, and you have a successful business social media strategy plan.

Enjoy your future success and let me know your comments below.

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